SagaPython™ and SagaChain™ — An Introduction

Prasaga Official
5 min readNov 16, 2022


At PraSaga™ we’re shaking things up at all levels of the blockchain by innovating radically new ways of doing things. And for us, that means rethinking everything at all levels of engagement with our revolutionary native blockchain, SagaChain™. In our article about Smart Assets, we introduced SagaPython™, our version of Python, the Python programming language — optimized so developers can easily build on SagaChain™, the world’s first fully scaling single-layer blockchain.

By using the ubiquitous Python programming language as the foundation for SagaPython, we eliminate a common obstacle that inhibits the adoption of a new blockchain by making it as accessible to as many developers as possible. According to a 2021 study, a massive 84% of global developers surveyed consider Python their main programming language. SagaPython will be accessible to the widest possible developer audience with the least amount of ramp-up time.

A truly global and scalable blockchain can only be achieved with the help of these developers as they join in creating apps and content using our object model-based technology. SagaPython will make that transition into our ecosystem as seamless as possible. We see limitless potential for developing products and apps that solve various important problems using SagaChain.

“The introduction of SagaPython is a true milestone for the PraSaga Foundation, representing a critical leap forward for the organization’s long-term roadmap and vision,” notes PraSaga Chief Product Officer Rich Phillips. “I am excited to watch the community grow as enterprises and developers engage with SagaPython.”

SagaPython is much more than just our variant on the standard Python: It is the critical building block that unlocks the possibilities of both our native SagaChain™ and our forthcoming SagaOS™, the operating system behind our global, decentralized blockchain. SagaPython apps are compatible and interoperable with existing enterprise infrastructures around the world. This seamless integration means PraSaga can guarantee the security and stability of SagaChain apps created for the SagaOS Class Management Infrastructure (CMI).

SagaPython modifies Python to enable writing applications on SagaOS to make blockchain development both easier and faster. We see SagaOS as the next step in moving towards an infrastructure managed by a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with an open-source code system.

Our ultimate goal is to complete transactions in the 10 to 15 seconds it takes for you to buy a can of soda from a vending machine in real life. No other blockchain can completely finalize the settlement of a transaction at that speed. And SagaChain will scale to be able to complete millions of those transactions simultaneously.

Everything we’re creating will be open-source, and SagaPython is our way of giving the developer community a way to get in on the action. We are working with the community to provide full documentation for our SagaPython syntax, and we will highlight the specific areas developers can contribute to via Discord and GitLab.

SagaOS’s alpha release remains in the testing phase, but developers can register at to start using SagaPython source code to create products and submit for consideration. (PraSaga is curating submissions to maximize the growth of the SagaOS ecosystem.) Testnet, scheduled for release soon, will allow developers to be able to bring their apps onto the SagaChain blockchain.

So what makes SagaChain so remarkable? Some of the main takeaways here:

Ease of Development our CMI — Class Management Infrastructure allows apps to pull instances of the base SagaPython classes directly from the chain.
Security of the Chain with our patented Consensus algorithm, where the miners and validators get involved by crunching the algorithm to sign the blocks and validate transactions to make sure they’re correct, authenticated, etc.
Breadth of Complex Applications with additional features for corporations including management of basic supply chain operations and certification manufacturing on the blockchain.

The PraSaga journey started in 2017, and we’ve accomplished so much since then. We’ve achieved numerous milestones, among them:

● Receiving U.S. Patents for Consensus & Operating System.
● Establishing the PraSaga Foundation in Switzerland.
● Gathering a team of outstanding professionals.
● Forming a Monetary Policy team of top economists.
● Launching SagaOS Private Testnet.
● Conducting a Validator Sale.
● Successfully raising our first and second seed round.

In the future, we’ll be launching SagaCoin™. We’re excited about what the future of blockchain holds with the development of our revolutionary scalable blockchain. We believe SagaChain can and will have a tangible impact on people’s lives by:

● Giving individuals control over their data, letting them choose what happens to their information, and reimbursing for its use.
● Providing security and efficiency with our hybrid Proof of Work/Proof of Stake model, which in turn will substantially reduce the blockchain’s energy needs and increase its security.
● Reducing the cost of consumer goods and services by increasing supply chain reliability and efficiency. The effect of improving the supply chain will be felt by people worldwide.

At PraSaga, we’re constantly developing and improving what the blockchain can do. We’ll share more details with you over the coming months. Be sure to keep an eye on our Medium page, Discord, and social media for more info.

Also, if you’re a developer, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at to get the inside scoop on what we’re creating…or if you have any questions!

PraSaga, SagaChain, SagaPython, SagaOS, and SagaCoin are trademarks of the PraSaga Foundation.