Meet Furever Found — the SagaChain Web3athon Winning Project!

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3 min readDec 20, 2022


Web3athon has officially ended. On behalf of CoinDesk, CRDL, HackerEarth, and every participating sponsor, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in the event.

Web3athon was designed to be a different kind of hackathon — not one focused exclusively on solving technical problems and making profits, but one that aimed to improve the lives of humans all around the world. At PraSaga, our mission is to improve the world using blockchain., so we were very proud to sponsor a hackathon with similar values. We were excited to be able to offer our development tools to all participants, and were thrilled to see projects building on our scalable layer 1 blockchain technology.

Thank you to each and every single participant who decided to participate in the event and make it the best it could be. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Ysabel Chen, a young entrepreneur from California, who recently started college, has left her mark in the Web3 space and the hearts of pet lovers across the continent.

Ysabel is the creator of Furever Found: a decentralized solution for adopting and cataloging stray animals to find them a loving furever home. After we delivered the great news that her project had won the PraSaga first place spot, we asked if we could learn more about her journey. We had a chance to speak directly to Ysabel and ask about what led her to participate in the Web3athon?

She first learned about crypto through her father just before graduating high school. Despite not being into technology, she was always very interested and had a fiery curiosity for experimentation. “Why not?” she thought as she dove deeper into blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. Around that time, she heard about Consensus, a huge crypto event that fully got her into Web3.

From then on, she learned about Web3athon and, despite not knowing how to code on the blockchain, yet again she thought, “why not? I’ll just go as far as I can.”, and promptly applied. Chen has always loved animals, particularly dogs. She has been volunteering for the same animal shelter since childhood and has fostered multiple stray dogs over the years. Furever Found combined something she deeply cared about with this new technology she was starting to get into.

Furever Found was designed to address the stray animal crisis that leaves thousands of animals on the streets without proper care or a home.

Since the system is based around NFTs as a digital profile, Furever Found can keep track of the animals and be sure that the information related to them is always correct.

Ysabel then touched on PraSaga, and why she chose to use SagaChain to power Furever Found. “Part of it was scalability. PraSaga is going to be a great tool because it’s so easy to scale.” Chen then took the time to share some of her philosophy with us, which could help aspiring developers and young people who need some inspiration.

A huge thank you to Ysabel Chen, and to everyone who participated in this edition of Web3athon. This event was all about being inclusive and making a difference in the world, and Furever Found is a great representation of the values that both the Web3athon and PraSaga strive towards.

Our goal is to make the world a better place with blockchain, so if you’re interested in building out a Web3 application, please check out our source code and start building your project today. We’d love to hear from you!
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