DataGrid Blockchain.

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2 min readFeb 6, 2021


Fast. Easy. Safe.

We believe innovation can give us a better life. That’s why here at Prasaga, we are creating the DataGrid Blockchain (DGB), a fully decentralized blockchain that is fast, easy, and safe. A blockchain that can deliver a better future with transparent government, efficent markets, and real protections from bad actors. A network that runs at the real speed of business, secure against attacks.

The DataGrid Blockchain delivers that future.

We’ve re-imagined the way smart assets are programmed, stored, and certified. Improving performance as more resources are added to the network reaching the fastest speed possible on the internet. After three years of design and development, patenting our innovations, publishing our Technical WhitePaper and launching XBOM testbed on HyperLedger, it is me to launch an erc20 token on DeFi.

The DataGrid Blockchain provides key advantages over any other project:

1) Fast. We provide scaling beyond any yet achieved through our eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM). XBOM will deliver full parallelizations by allowing us to store state in accounts and move accounts across shards, so as more nodes are added throughput increases in speed to the maximum transaction rate allowed by the bandwidth of the internet.

2) Easy. We are easier to develop for and have global code re-use as we store code and smart assets directly in accounts. Developers can program in any language. This will make development of applications much faster and easier to maintain.

3) Safe. DataGrid Blockchain designed with an efficient hybrid Distributed PoW/PoS consensus that will deliver the highest resistance to attack.

4) Stable. We have a monetary policy that will stabilize our currency without pegging it to outside fiat economies.

If you have the fastest, easiest to develop for, and most secure blockchain driven by a stable currency wouldn’t that deliver the best blockchain for the world?

XBOM Application Framework the foundation for developing on the DataGrid Blockchain

Built with the XBOM Application Framework to make development much easier and scaling possible, the DataGrid Blockchain enables beer enterprise and easier consumer use. Ultimately, creating an enlightened approach to philanthropy, community governance, and monetary stability.

“Theoretically, the developer does not care about the blockchain, as it is well handled by the infrastructure. XBOM is a “Decentralized GlobalOS,” an operating system on top of the blockchain.”

-K.C. Tam, Blockchain Consultant & Educator