At the Intersection of Beauty, Art, Creativity, and Technology — Wholly Gloss

Prasaga Official
3 min readMar 1, 2023


We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Erica Bigger, CEO of Wholly Gloss, a creative beauty brand leading innovation. Erica, an experienced veteran of the beauty industry, working with prominent designers like Vera Wang, Oscar De La Renta, Tracy Reese, and UnderArmour, as well as her education at the Conde Nast School of Fashion and Design in London it’s no surprise that Wholly Gloss has made a name for itself in the industry. Add to that Erica’s penchant for innovation and interest in technology and Wholly Gloss is on track to be the most recognizable beauty brand in the world.

A life-long learner, Erica began her career in the beauty industry at a young age, but was inspired to start Wholly Gloss after the birth of her son. In search of a way to connect back with herself and ultimately the beauty industry she had long been a part of, she found that lip gloss was the key to unlocking a door of possibilities. Her search for the right natural, angelic beauty look with lip gloss left her wanting and ultimately led her to make the leap into her own beauty company, Wholly Gloss.

WESaga was first introduced to Wholly Gloss through the recent Coindesk Hackathon. Erica had previously never participated in a hackathon and not being a developer herself, she thought, “Keep your plan simple and easy to understand and people will get behind it.” With this leap of faith and drive to create more within the web3 space not only for herself, but more importantly, for her community she ultimately grabbed the attention of the judges and was selected a winner.

A believer in the physi-digital world, the hackathon was not Erica’s first dip into the Web3 and technology space. At the precipice of the launch of Wholly Gloss Erica had discovered NFT’s and thought it might be something she could utilize to not only provide funding, but also bring value to the community she was building. Erica said, “I wanted to bring value to my community and provide them an opportunity to be a part of the process.”

The Wholly Gloss loyalty program is yet another way Erica pushed the boundaries of both technology and beauty. Erica saw a way to bring a personal touch to her community by giving them a voice within the brand. Community members are able to engage and make decisive changes by owning a Wholly Gloss NFT. They not only are able to take advantage of traditional loyalty benefits, but the program allows them to have a voice in the creative process through things like voting and being invited to both online and in-person events.

In addition to supporting the community within Wholly Gloss, the brand stands behind women- driven support systems, business, technology and more. As part of this mission Wholly Gloss supports non-profit initiatives like MOMCares, which serves under-supported mothers with NICU experiences by providing prenatal and postpartum doula care including transportation, advocacy, self-care opportunities, and nutritious meals to mothers and their families. As a mother herself, Erica feels it’s important to continue supporting not only her immediate community, but the larger community of women going through these experiences.

Wholly Gloss is bringing innovation to the beauty industry in product development and by incorporating Web3 technology in new and creative ways . Erica sees the opportunities that are available within the Web3 space and utilizing the blockchain as an opportunity to expand the possibilities for all traditional businesses, sharing “there is a wealth of possibilities in the space that open the door for creativity.” Our WESaga Community is looking forward to further innovation in the market from Wholly Gloss and excited to see its success building on SagaChain.

Hear more about Wholly Gloss and its innovative loyalty program being built on SagaChain: